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  • An ideal interpreter of the music

    Born in Montreuil-sous-Bois in 1860, she obtains in 1882 the firstprice of song with the air of the Queen of Navarre of Huguenots; she began on October 12, 1882 in the same role with the Opera; she appeared in 1883 in the roles of Mathilde of Guillaume Tell, Isabelle of Robert the Devil, Marguerite de Faust, Ines of the African one. After its marriage on April 14, 1884 under the name of Lureau-Escalaïs, she will be Eudoxie of The Jewish, Gilda de Rigoletto and Alice of Robert the Devil in which besides the same evening she played the two roles of Alice and Isabelle. Together Leon and Maria will travel around the world. She created the role of Anahita in « Le mage » of Massenet composed by Leon Escalaïs. Obliged to leave the scene for health reasons she teaches the song. In 1923 this beautiful soprano voice dies out leaving Leon Escalaïs, whom she had known at school, the Conservatory disabled.